Website Maintenance and Dev Release of 0.26

Good news! After migrating to a new host, the site is now fully secure with https.


It’s a bit delayed but the game update is here!

List of Changes

  • Killer butterflies are back!
  • Foxes also are back
  • Broke the updater

Download can be found as usual here

Unfortunately, the patcher is currently broken due to some changes made but a new one should become available with the next game update.  Sorry about that.

Deadly butterflies are back and they kind of blend in.


If you do not block and retaliate in time, this will happen to you.



With the help of, we are able to plan and map how we implement game features. Here is the 0.26 milestone.



And then here is the currently in progress 0.27 milestone.  Way more to do in this one.


The next update should be coming something next year.  Depending on the new updater workflow, patches should be flowing a bit smoother.

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  1. I was offline for longer time… Back to testing now :dragon:

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