Twokinds Online

The game is currently in Pre-Alpha so not everything is how i want it or in place. Please be patient. I update when I can with no real schedule.

The game is a multiplayer online game with a large world. It has action combat with a skill-based system that does not limit you like a class system would. The game has semi permanent death where your character will die if it grows to old or dies in battle. Your level will be set to 1, but you keep the skills you earned. After death, you may change your name and gender to be the next generation in the family line.

You can make any active skill to the mouse buttons and the hotkeys. If you want to attack with the left mouse and throw fire in the left, go ahead. When more skills are implemented, the combinations will vary greatly and hopefully it will lead to different play styles.

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Based off of Tom’s webcomic at


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