Twokinds Online Testing Weekend

We are testing this weekend. Server will go up at 8 pm Pacific Time and should be up until the end of Sunday.

The download can be found at the download page or hopefully the game will update itself.
Download Page

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Unfortunately, most of the time was spent on converting the game over to Unity 5 for the new shinies which caused the destruction of the town and everything in it. Over the next few iterations, the pieces that where postponed like the weather system will be added back in and should look better than before. In the meantime, we were able to add a few things.

Changes for version

  • Changed to the new Unity 5 for better graphical effects
  • Stripped out assets that are not needed at the moment
  • Disabled Visuals and Systems that are not playing nice with Unity 5 yet
  • Hovering Name Tags – Everyone is a little less anonymous.
  • Fixed Chat! Other players can now see what you are saying
  • Fixed character rotations from the server so they spazz out less. Only found this one out a few hours before writing this.

The next few changes should be improvements on combat and animations so stay tuned and please enjoy the weekend. We will also try to post a survey on how things went sometime next week. We would love to hear feedback.

Server should now be up so please enjoy. Unfortunately my internet has been acting up so the connection to the server may drop so it is best to get on Friday and early Saturday.


  1. Just had a little go on the server a few minutes ago, I (possibly) killed a grounded purple butterfly I found while wandering around and it dropped some wings, however I couldnt pick them up. It was pretty fun to try and have a look around , and it should be interesting when others come on the server too!

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