Dev Blog – Main Cast and Webstore

Because the characters are looking a little bland, we are working the main cast. Currently, clothing pieces are being created for each of the cast.
Trace-ish Templar shirt

Almost trace, minus the hair. We realized that the mouth still looks funky so we will probably need to revisit the head.


Untextured Flora

An untextured flora. Once the face has some detail and stripes, it should look even cooler.


Natani's Drake Vest Untextured

We do not have a Wolf Keidran model yet so Natani’s untextured Drake Vest is on fake trace for now.

Also, we forgot Keith but I’m sure he’s use to it. More progress should be posted in the following weeks.


To help fund us, we now have shirts available through a print on demand service! Now you too can wear our logo for any occasion.

[product id=”349″]

We also have stickers available. They are 3 by 4 inch vinyl stickers sold in twos.

[product id=”291″]


The new movement controller code has been giving us more problems than we expected so we’ve been silent for a while but things should be picking up again as it gets smoothed out. Current goals are to improve movement, combat, and character customization with clothing and race options.


  1. Please reconnect the server! I really wanna play this!

  2. this seems like a really cool game. hope it comes out good :)

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