Dev Blog – Twokinds Online Version 0.25.2 With Buggy Buildings

So, We’ve been silent for a while due to a side project that was a bit distracting but it’s now time to turn the server back on!

It’s been a while but some fun things have been added. The goal is to have a large immersive world for your character to live in so player housing is very important. Player housing in it’s own instanced zones is convenient for the developer but breaks up the game world so we are designing almost all of the buildings to be player owned. Not only will the housing be in towns and the world, but they will also be modular. Currently, the buildings are open for anyone to edit but ownership will come soonish.

Current builder is a rough WIP that only places the modular pieces but future versions will have resource requirements, furniture placement, door and lock management, item storage, storefront, innkeeping, farming, etc.

  • Some Basics





More Floors



Controls are not very nice right now. To start building, approach a property sign and click on the edit building button.

Clicking on the piece in the list selects, a clicking when the piece is green places in the world.

Parts can be rotated before placing with Page Up and Page Down keys.

Buildings only persist as long as the server is up as they do not save at the moment.


There are plenty of bugs to fix so please report any odd ones. Downloads can be found here or let the updater handle it.


  1. I tested, but there’s a bug. Whenever I go on a certain type of ground, I jump.

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