Dev Blog – Twokinds Online Version is Now Available

Well, its been a bit longer than I wanted but the server is now up! If I did it right, the patcher should update itself to the latest version but if it doesn’t, the download is right here or Downloads

Movement has been completely updated to a new system and with it a whole new set of bugs like never ending sliding after sliding down a hill. I’ve got a bunch of kinks to work out but now that the major change is done, next update should come up faster. I just moved so I’m not sure if I did the port forwarding right so if anyone jumps onto it, please tell me if it works or not.

New Things

  • You can now pick starting clothes based on the main character’s clothing
  • You can now sit on the group with the sit skill (you are not suppose to be able to move but you can)
  • New movement system with plenty of bugs
  • Removed the lag-tastic buildings for now
  • Skill In use cooldown graphic

Edit: Scratch that, hot fix fixes the problem with the character creator being disabled. My bad.


  1. I’ve come back after long time, right for the good news! Yes! :D

  2. Sure! And i will try to bring my friend (or two) with me, it will be useful as hell ;)

  3. That’s not problem…

    At least it’s easy to see how much work you are doing ;)

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