Dev Blog – Twokinds Online 0.29.0

This one has be a long one coming.  While not entirely stable, it is good enough might not crash. It is to be determined.

Some of the latest updates

  • New and improved weather system.  The lighting should feel softer and hopefully a little performance upgrade too.
  • Player owned buildings. This one has been in the works for while.  Everyone can buy one property for free for now.  Just go up to the plot’s management sign to buy it.


Once purchased, the same sign turns on build mode.

Build Mode

With build mode, you can place all the building pieces needed to build a nice home.  The building parts are organized into categories for easier management.  Categories can be clicked on or matched with their number on the leopards.   To go back to categories, press the back arrow or the backspace button on the leopards.

Side Panel  Everything has to be attached to a foundation and from there can be built up.  Once a part is selected, and green, placement is just a single mouse click.  If you need to delete a placed building part, unselect your placement part and right click the delete the item.

wall placement

  • Some bug fixes.
  • More NPCs.  Every npc will be assigned a job and with proper AI will be able to preform their tasks during the day and rest at night.The Mayor and her poor town


  • Guild/Companies are in the works. A big part of the serverside implementation is complete.

Download can be found in the usual place here.  We will be moving the downloads from our own installer to soon.  The eventual goal is to get onto steam greenlight but itch is becoming a large platform and has their own installer in the works.

If you want to try it early on itch, go here

There is a new mac version on right now.  Get it while it is still available.



  1. I’m back… Sorry for lack of testing activity, but i needed to end school just like i started it – with good grades (i’m on IT class, with intention to study game making, so it’s worth it)

    Learning year ended yesterday, but i don’t have my wifi until monday (or maybe longer, some problems with it), but when it will be back, i will be as active as possible :good:

    Also, can i know more about guilds/companies? Are they going to be created by players, or they’re entirely NPC organisations?

  2. Heya everyone, sorry that I’ve been gone so long. Kinda had thought i was forgotten. ps. the site has changed alot.

  3. I’m well, I’d like to get back into modeling, sadly I keep getting blocked from wifi and such at home. Wasn’t there a simple messaging system back then?

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