Dev Blog – Paths to Edinmire

It’s been a while!  Sorry about the lack of updates, there’s been a lot going on.

First off we partnered with Improbable to use their server software, SpatialOS.  This allows us to have more accurate simulations and spread out the server load compared to what we were building before.  Lots of fun stuff happening there!


In the past we have been building parts of the world that haven’t been featured in the comic, but now we decided to start working on Edinmire! Current layout is based on this sketch.

Edinmire Map by Twokinds on DeviantArt

Starting with something iconic, we had to make a placeholder for the riftwall inn.  Right now it is nothing but a placeholder made of blocks but that will change in a few updates.


Part of building the world involves drawing paths onto the terrain.  Before, they were hand-drawn, sloppy, and easily erased.  Now we have a path drawing tool that makes it easy and consistent.

Early builds of the tool had straight lines for the path, making sharp corners.

It was way better than hand drawing, however the paths will never be smooth unless we add a lot of control points.  We fixed that using a splines library.



So much better!  With this we can quickly work on the terrain and not worry about losing paths and other details.

Here’s a video of me working on the southern part of Edinmire.


  1. Is there any way I can volunteer to help for this game?

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