Dev Blog – Buildings and Fun

It’s been a quiet month but we’ve been busy. We have more concept art to ogle at from Jim Shadow.

What are you buying, stranger?


One of the earliest ideas for the game was to have ownable land plots where you can upgrade the building to be bigger and change what the building can do(shop, tavern, inn, blacksmith, etc) depending on zoning. Unfortunately none of us are skilled enough modelers to make consistent buildings to fit the demand and most of the buildings we can find on the asset store are either to big, varying in style, so the plan had to change.

Good news for everyone, buildings will be able to be built buy the player in parts.

This is still the early design phase but a simple building is already being loaded from the server.

Another building example


Along with general development and bug fixing, the water visuals are in the process of being upgraded.

Hopefully the next news update will come sooner with less of a gap between the last one. Current activities include improving animations, basic quest ui, and preventing buildings from making the framerate go cinematic.

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