Dev Blog – Another Playtest

It’s time for another playtest!  Starts May 6th, 8 AM PST
Requires an account at  Yes, it has changed from  If you made an account previously, please make a new one for the while before I can migrate data off of WordPress.

New features

  • Simple inventory system
  • Climbing tower, get to the top!
  • Emotes! Try, ALT+2, ALT+3, and ALT+4
  • Character creator! Start picking how your character looks
  • Different weapons to equip with new attack animations

Known Issues

  • You can spam pickup on the item and duplicate them
  • Enemies are still OP
  • Blocking is OP but sometimes you can get stuck
  • You can’t equip clothing yet

In the mean time, the character creator can be found on
A account is required to save the character


  1. Yes! I’ll try to be present at that time…But, I have a slow connection. Is there a way to pre-download the game? How long will the playtest last?

  2. Ok, stupid question, you sure you are talking about PST? I’m trying to convert in GMT, but different sites tell me different times because PST isn’t used in any of the regions.

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